Reuss Capital Ltd. – Independent Asset Management Lucerne

Founded in 1996, our company has developed into a private asset management firm that is characterised by tradition and expertise. Beginning with just a vision, today the compact dimensions and personality of our firm ensure cost-effectiveness, flexibility and discretion – useful advantages in a constantly shifting market environment.
20 years in tune with the times, 20 years of thinking ahead and acting accordingly. We shall do everything possible to continue supporting you reliably in future, while protecting and increasing your assets. Our success is based on the sound bridge we have been able to build with our clients and partners, for this trust we thank you.

Welcome to our third decade!

Individual Investment Strategies

Because we are independent we can impartially develop an individual investment strategy just for you…

Return Objectives and Risk Profile

Risk is ever present, but without some risk there is no return. Thus deciding on  the risk / return balance across your portfolio is a crucial decision. To advise wisely, it is important for us to know how much risk you are willing and able to take and what your return on investment targets are. We use this information to develop your individual risk profile…

Your Investment Experts

We attach great importance to the continuity of our support and help you position yourself correctly in the financial markets for the long term. Let us be “Your Investment Experts”…