Bridges create symbols and forms of unwritten expression. Their potential is boundless in abstract and symbolic terms. Building a bridge, offering one’s skills as a builder of bridges, constructing a spiritual or golden bridge are all related. Bridges take on symbolism as lifelines through the landscape – of hope, for changing shores to reject conventions, to reveal the shortest way. A bridge can clearly lead to the most direct route and enrich a sense of achievement after its crossing. Ever since the first bridge was built to cross an insurmountable chasm, it has fascinated us. Bridges unite us. If they are – proverbially – knocked down, separation is unavoidable. This results in their double role of bringing together and of separating.

Bridges are ubiquitous, their aesthetic value boundless. They sim­ultaneously embody practical reality and works of art. Brid­ges do not leave one indifferent. Some are magical, others fearsomely majestic. Not just on account of their beauty, but also because of their reach.

Reuss Capital is aware of this reach – trust us.