Risk Profile and Return Objectives

Risk is ever present, but without some risk there is no return. Thus deciding on  the risk / return balance across your portfolio is a crucial decision. To advise wisely, it is important for us to know how much risk you are willing and able to take and what your return on investment targets are. We use this information to develop your individual risk profile.

Based on this, we suggest an appropriate asset allocation. Our recommendations will always be transparent and easy to understand. Currently we have a strong preference for direct investments in bonds, shares and precious metals. We carefully consider investments into favourably priced mutual funds and selected hedge funds.

1. Investment profile

  • Analyse asset and income situatio
  • Establish risk capabilities, risk willingness and return expectations
  • Define and ensure liquidity requirements
  • Define the investment profile

2. Strategic asset allocation

  • Evaluate investment classes and regions
  • Take long-term trends and short-term market dynamics into consideration
  • Work out investment recommendations and select issues
  • Determine tactical positions
  • Administer capabilities and cash management

3. Controlling and reporting

  • Actively monitor market changes
  • Comprehensively analyse portfolio structure
  • Control and optimise performance and risk